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Zenith Power Telecommunication Network

Our Service includes:

1.Site Survey, Acquisition, Implementation and Execution

  1. Site Search and Survey
    1. Site search visits
    2. Search variable site locations and identify minimum three options for each site
    3. Evaluation of physical, technical, environmental issues, building stability, security, access and power supply issues
    4. Preparing site survey report
  2. Site Acquisition (Private Own/Government Own/Public Buildings/Lease Property)
    1. Validation with domestic authorities concerned and documentation
    2. Submitting permits to authorities as required
    3. Obtaining permit as appropriate
  3. Detail Technical Site Survey
  4. Project Implementation and Execution
  5. Electrical Power Supply System & Emergency Backup Power System
  6. Telecom Tower Erection and Equipment Installation
  7. Transmission System
  8. Testing, Commissioning and System Integration
  9. Documentation and Handover to Client

2. Network Design and Planning

  1. Frequency allocation
  2. Frequency interference scanning
  3. Frequency interference source searching and spectrum clearing
  4. Specify network quality, capacity and coverage objectives
  5. Detail cell parameters designs and planning
  6. Defining Network planning tools to be used
  7. Development of normal cell plan including coverage plot
  8. The Radio Frequency Management of coverage areas
  9. Site Database:
    1. Effective radiated power (ERP)
    2. Antenna radiation center above ground level
    3. Sector/Omni antennas and directions including antenna specification/radiation pattern
    4. Down tilt angle
    5. Geographical coordinates
    6. Cable lengths and line losses calculation
  10. Cell specific parameter planning and neighbor definition
  11. Provision of coverage plots for finalized cell plan
  12. Normal Network radio planning and working out frequency plan
  13. Wireless Network planning and simulation

3. Project Management

  1. Manage the day to day operations of the company and ensure that operations are consistent with the policies developed by the Client
  2. Contribute to the development of the Client’s goals and objectives
  3. Ensures that procedures and overall management are designed in accordance with established Client’s policy
  4. Development and implement operational policies and strategic plans
  5. Operate the Project within established policies, maintain a regular policy review process and revise or develop policies as/when required
  6. Ensure the Project operates within all regulatory requirements and approved budgets and operation plans while ensuring audit requirements are met
  7. Critical Path Management with computerized project management system

4. Network Optimization

  1. Single site verification
  2. Cluster optimization
  3. Preparation of optimization plan
  4. Drive test and other measuring activities
  5. Troubleshooting and analysis of elements’ performance
  6. Deficiency clearance of the equipment
  7. Frequency re-planning
  8. Benchmarking and reporting

5. Network and Service Investigation, Monitoring and Security



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